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Welcome to Sensual Goddess Publishing

Publishers of fine erotic art books, tarot and artistic nude poker size playing cards

  • The changes this deck has made to the traditional deck wouldn't have made much sense a 100 years ago when gendertypes were adhered to far more strictly than they are today. Woman now fight side-by-side with men as their equals in the armed forces.
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  • I really like this deck a lot. No, it is not your typical tarot deck, that's for sure. But I appreciate the power of being a feminine sensual goddess, and that's exactly what this deck portrays.
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  • These are soooooo pretty! And also really funny, considering they're all the same woman. Took me too long to realize it
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  • Interesting deck of cards, better than standard playboy pinups
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  • This group of cards offers a high quality fantasy set, they are poker size for a strong handle. The deck is well made and offers all the perks of hot night of fun.
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  • :))))..I'm so happy!!!..You should win Awards for your work!!!!...And yes!!! I can definatly feel the energy in these cards, and all of the pictures!!!!..They all move me so much!!!!..And thank you..I will employ these for the rest of my life!!!!..Blessed Be!!!!

    Gina )O(
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Crafted by internationally celebrated photo artist Frederick Potter and brought to life by the famous beauty of Ukrainian glamour model Oleanna, these tarot cards, poker size playing cards, Fine art nude and glamour books were years in the making. Each one a masterpiece worthy of gallery display. Sensual, but tastefully nude images that hint at the erotic but are created with such elegance and beauty the nudity becomes almost a secondary consideration.

Take the time to view the galleries for each product and you will understand that owning a Sensual Goddess Publishing collectable book or cards is an investment that is destined to become one of the most sought after collections for any aficionado of the fine erotic arts.

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The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck

The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck has proven to be wildly successful and frequently controversial. Truly the most unique and highest quality Tarot deck on the market today.
  • "the Hero
  • "Human Cargo" erotic fantasy nude science fiction image
  • Carnivore sexy nude pinup of female demon
  • "Taming the Dragon" fantasy female nude pinup
  • "Student Pilot" female nude pinup with Tiger Moth aircraft
  • sexy female nude pinup with Harvard aircraft
  • "Havanna Oleanna" cigar box nude pinup
  • "Betty Bombshell" sexy nude female pinup bomber nose art
  • Harvard aircraft with sexy nude female pinup
  • "Live in Concert" Oleanna nude female pinup poster
The Sensual Goddess Posters and Photo Prints

We have had many requests for high quality reproductions of our images. Now you can order a high quality photo print on Epson Premium Luster Paper custom printed for you! We kept the price as low as we could so you can afford several in your erotic photo art collection.

The Sensual Goddess Poker Size Playing Cards

  • The Sensual Goddess Poker Size Playing Card Deck

    This traditional playing card deck is a standard poker size. What a great way to distract your opponent!
  • The Sensual Goddess Erotic Art Cards - Poker Size

    A little bit twisted! These images are in a horizontal format with the numbers vertical to allow the poker size deck to be played normally but with a much larger image area.
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    The Sensual Goddess of Dark Fantasy Playing Cards - Poker Size

    All new images never before published. Fantastic seductive dark fantasy images created specifically for this new poker sized playing card deck!

The Sensual Goddess Erotic Photo Art Books

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    The Fantastic Photo Art of
    The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck

    This book is primarily designed to be an art book for collectors of fantasy and sensual photo art. However, included in this book are also descriptions of each card and their meanings as well as a section on how to read the cards with a special description of the "Venus Spread" which was designed specifically for this deck. And so one could also consider this book to be a companion piece for those who already own the Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck.

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    The Sensual Goddess of Seductive Fantasy

    This book is unlike anything you have seen before. While there are many fine fantasy art books featuring the fantastic art of great artists, this book takes the genre of erotic fantasy art to a new level. Unlike traditional paintings and sketches, this book incorporates real live models along with computer generated scenes to create erotic fantasy art that lives and breathes as though you were there.

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    Visions of Oleanna - Vol 1

    This is the first of several editions showcasing the glamour and fine art nude modeling of Oleanna and the photographic art of Frederick Potter. Offered in several smaller volumes to keep the price affordable, every collector of fine art erotica will be able to own at least one edition.
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    Visions of Oleanna - Vol 2

    This is the second of several editions showcasing the glamour and fine art nude modeling of Oleanna and the amazing photographic art of Frederick Potter. Offered in several smaller volumes to keep the price affordable, every collector of fine art erotica will be able to own at least one edition.
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    Visions of Oleanna - Vol 3

    This is the third volume in a series of fine art photo books featuring the incredible beauty and modeling talent of Oleanna. Building on the success of the first two volumes, this book features many new, never seen before images that will challenge your imagination and become some of your favorite images in your collection.
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    Visions of Oleanna - Vol 4

    In this fourth volume in the "Visions of Oleanna" series, we have introduced some new contemporary elements such as the exciting Steampunk genre as well as some cutting edge post production techniques that have become possible with the new advancements in digital imaging technology.

    These volumes celebrate the amazing career of one of the most prolific and sought after glamour models today. Her images are destined to become iconic from this era and it is our great honor to be able to share her beauty and talent with the world at large. Few models, today or in the past, have the range, talent and beauty to portray the many varied looks that has become her trademark.


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The Sensual Goddess of Seductive Fantasy
Book of erotic fantasy photo art.

This is it! 96 pages of fantastic erotic photo art taken from our best work over the years. This is a super high quality reproduction art book printed on the very best 200 gsm heavy art paper stock and varnished for longevity. The quality of the printing in this art book is so fine that the pages could actually be framed and hung. No other fantasy art book on the market today can come close to the superb reproduction of this collectible book of erotic fantasy art.


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