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About the Images in The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck

The images in this deck are based on the style of glamour photography. As tarot decks have been published in a wide variety of styles (everything from Steampunk to Zombies), this is just another genre to be used to portray the tarot spread. Based on the Ryder-Waite symbology, the images closely resemble most of the traditional scenes, with a few notable exceptions, making the deck easy to read for any familiar with the tarot.

The "Goddess" character in the deck is portrayed by
Oleanna Potter, an international glamour model, and is portrayed exactly as she is, with no photoshop manipulation. While she does not intend to represent what a "goddess" should look like, her beauty and skill as an accomplished model and actress makes her an ideal choice for the portrayal of the goddess characters in this deck. One should always remember that true beauty comes from within and not from our physical appearance. The goddess energy is within us all, male or female. We recognize being judged by our appearance is the result of a shallow mind and so we do not judge others for this reason.

The artwork in The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck is designed to evoke powerful emotional responses in the reader to allow them to tap into the feminine energy that resides within us all. In order to do this, we have embraced the feminine goddess aspect by celebrating the female archetype as openly as possible. The images mirror many of the depictions of goddesses throughout history and are intended to be consistent with this historical theme. We would strongly object to any classification of these cards as being "erotic". To suggest that the images were erotic would imply that they are intended to arouse erotic feelings in the viewer. But there is nothing sexual about these images and unlike many other decks that bill themselves as "erotic", these cards do not depict any sexual situations. Even “The Lovers” card, which one might expect would beg for an image of two people locked in the throes of passion, shows instead two touching hands.

This Tarot deck is designed to access the universal feminine energy. The images in the cards are symbols that touch the deep emotional aspects of the reader to enable the reader to open themselves to the subtle messages that may be directed towards them. In this regard, the depiction of the feminine aspect must fully embrace the female energy and form, and do so without compromise. The female form is a powerful symbol of this feminine energy and has proven that it truly does touch into an area of the inner psyche and evoke some powerful emotions. This energy should not be ignored but rather embraced in order to gain the full benefit that these cards have to offer. In fact, this aspect of The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck may be one of the key things that make this deck one of the most powerful in the world.

Those who embrace the Tarot as a means of connecting with a higher power already know the amazing energy that our sensuality holds. It is, and has always been, a force that is fundamental to our very existence. It is the driving force behind love, relationships and sharing with others around us.

We believe that the images that have been created for these cards are artistic, beautiful and tasteful. The power of the Tarot comes from the symbols and the more powerful and emotional the symbols are, the better the deck will work for the reader. It is our hope that this deck not only achieves this goal but will also offer great works of art that will become iconic in the Tarot community and sought after by collectors of fine art.

This deck is unique in all the world and for those who feel deeply connected with the universal feminine energy, it may prove to be the most powerful Tarot deck ever published!
Tarot Is About Symbology
The basic concept of the Tarot is to create a set of symbols that has a specific meaning depending on the seekers question and where the cards appear in the spread. The theme of The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck is about tapping into the goddess aspect by connecting with the feminine energy within us. Regardless of whether you are male or female, we all have elements of both within us. If the symbols in the Tarot deck are able to evoke an emotional response, then it becomes easier to connect with this energy. It is for this reason that The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck works so well for so many readers.

The images of this deck are designed to create an open connection to the goddess aspect that is within us all. Our sensuality is one the most basic, most primal forces within us all. To deny or block this will only hinder your ability to connect with the higher power. Letting go of our preconceptions and opening ourselves to become receptive to the energies around us is an essential skill for every Tarot reader. This deck is excellent for helping you to do just that!

If you have found that your readings around issues concerning relationships, love, sex, or other matters concerning how people connect with one another are not as accurate as you had hoped, then I would urge you to try The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck. Do not allow the stigmas of society or any repressed feelings of sensuality to block you. These images will help you to open up to the feminine power that lies within us all (male or female) and connect in a way that you may not have been able to before.

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Frederick Potter is an internationally recognized glamour and photo artist. Oleanna Potter is one of the world's most sought after glamour and art models. Together they run a glamour photo studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada called Editions by Frederick.