The images in this deck are based on the style of glamour photography. As tarot decks have been published in a wide variety of styles (everything from Steampunk to Zombies), this is just another genre to be used to portray the tarot spread. Based on the Ryder-Waite symbology, the images closely resemble most of the traditional scenes, with a few notable exceptions, making the deck easy to read for any familiar with the tarot.

The "Goddess" character in the deck is portrayed by
Oleanna Potter, an international glamour model, and is portrayed exactly as she is, with no photoshop manipulation. While she does not intend to represent what a "goddess" should look like, her beauty and skill as an accomplished model and actress makes her an ideal choice for the portrayal of the goddess characters in this deck. One should always remember that true beauty comes from within and not from our physical appearance. The goddess energy is within us all, male or female. We recognize being judged by our appearance is the result of a shallow mind and so we do not judge others for this reason.

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